Tara Nichols has many years of experience as a professional massage therapist/ yoga instructor. She studied various types of massage modalities at the Body Being Massage Center in Northern California.

She learned Ayurvedic massage practices at the California College of Ayurveda. Also, studied Lomi-Lomi massage with master teacher Kapua on the island of Kauai. Tara practiced Bio-dynamic cranio-sacral practices with Roger Gilchrist, one of the leading teachers of bio-dynamic cranio-sacral in the world.

Tara is a licensed massage therapist in Asheville who is trained in: deep tissue, thai, cranio-sacral, abayanga, shirodhara, lomi-lomi,  hot-stone, sports, swedish, and pre-natal. Tara's bodywork is unique in that she can tie in many different modalities into each massage session.

Tara creates a harmonious safe environment for her client's to release stress, emotions, and physical tension. She believes that the body has an amazing ability to heal itself by unlocking energy blockages to bring the body back into it's natural balance. Tara has a passion for healing, is knowledgeable about many aspects of health and wellness.
She continues to keep up to date on the latest information concerning her field of expertise. (LMT #8522)

Massage Modalities:

Deep Tissue:
Focused attention on specific areas of the
body using deep pressure  to release knots  
and muscle tension.  The practitioner uses
elbows and fists to release trigger points.

Light superficial massage using long
efflerage strokes to aid in relaxation and
stimulate blood circulation.

Ancient Hawaiian massage using long ,
full body strokes with a generous amount
of oil.  Lomi-Lomi massage creates a  calming
wave-like motion in the body.

Cranial -Sacral:

Cranial sacral therapy is a gentle, noninvasive form of
alternative medicine that deals with the movement of
the fluid surrounding the skull and spine. Cranial sacral
therapy seeks to restore misaligned bones. It provides
relief from migraine headaches, neck/back pain, and
release TMJ tension.

tara nichols massage therapist
Traditional Southern Thailand massage
using deep yogic stretching to open the
meridian lines and marma points of the
body. This style of  massage  is  performed  
on a thai  floor mat in loose comfortable

Ayurvedic massage that originates from the
Pancha Karma detoxification practices of India.
Lymphactic superficial massage using a generous
amount of oil to nourish and restore balance.

Hot Stone:
Hot lava rocks used on the body to relax muscles
during massage. The stones also help the client feel
grounded and centered.

Prenatal massage helps the mother to be relax, destress,
and relieve any discomforts during pregnancy. Massage
also helps with circulation and to stabilize hormonal

Please call Tara @ (828) 674-7711 or
email: tarasyogabliss@yahoo

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